Subcontracting Opportunities

Building stories of partnership and inclusion.

Ryan’s corporate-wide strategy for building inclusive and innovative partnerships with our subcontractors is priority.

As we continue to work with JEA, CBRE and the City of Jacksonville to finalize the building design and programming for the new JEA Headquarters, a local subcontracting plan is being developed concurrently with identifying small business interest.

To assist us, business firms, small and large, are asked to contact Ryan Companies US, Inc. directly to let us know about your area(s) of work and capabilities. Please contact the project team using the form below.

Note:  Ryan Companies US, Inc. is ONLY seeking interest related to subcontracting and vending opportunities at this time.

Ryan Companies US, Inc. invites anyone interested in learning more about the project, please contact the project team using the form below or e-mail us at

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