Mission Statement

JEA’s new Headquarters will help the utility realize its mission, to provide the best service by becoming the center of its customers’ energy and water experience. It will be a catalyst for JEA’s continued growth and provide the foundation for industry-disrupting innovation efforts. It will also enable JEA to attract and retain an engaged workforce.

The fundamental goal of the new Headquarters is to maximize the four (4) basic Corporate Measures of JEA’s value, both now and in the future.

  1. Customer Value — The new Headquarters will be a convenient, centrally located hub for customers and other stakeholders to do business with JEA, from paying a utility bill to learning about procurement opportunities.
  2. Financial Value — With a state-of-the-art, forward-thinking design, the new Headquarters will provide a flexible environment for JEA and its employees to grow for decades to come, with numerous efficiencies keeping operating costs low.
  3. Community Impact Value — The location for the new JEA Headquarters was purposely selected to maximize economic development and join ongoing revitalization efforts in Jacksonville’s central civic core.
  4. Environmental Value —The new JEA Headquarters will use an environmentally conscious, energy-efficient and sustainable design, ensuring long-standing environmental benefit for future generations.

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